Welcome to Marlow United Charities, a charity dating back to Victorian times and formed through the merging of several old local charities in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Our main charitable objective is ‘the prevention or relief of poverty’ and for many years this has taken the form of the distribution of food vouchers at the end of the Summer and Christmas term to needy homes and families in the town.

We are concerned to help the needy in the town. These are the single parent families; widows, elderly and poor; and those families on free school meals. We liaise with the local community service charities, like Meals from Marlow, Age Concern and social care services. Our gifts are by way of a voucher, which is redeemed in store for a Sainsbury’s Supermarket food voucher.

In 2020 we distributed 73 vouchers and this increased to 194 in 2021 and 303 in 2022. In 2023, we distributed a record 340 vouchers costing £25,000.

Wife and husband pushing a trolley down a supermarket aisle with their two young children in the trolley.