About Us

Marlow United Charities is a Victorian charity, formed over many years, from the merging of 13 old local charities and more recently from merging four from the 21st century. A short history of the charity can be found here.

Then in 1895, it was formed under one banner as ‘United Charities and others’, with a Working Name of ‘Marlow United Charities.” Its main charitable objective is “the prevention or relief of poverty’ and for many years this has taken the form of the distribution of food vouchers at the end of the Summer and Christmas term, to needy homes and families in the town.

In 2020 we distributed 73 vouchers and this increased to 194 in 2021 and 303 in 2022. In 2023, we distributed a record 340 vouchers costing £25,000.

Happy family cooking together in the kitchen.